Forthcoming services

Sun 28 May

10:30 am
Local Arrangement

6:30 pm
Rev Tom Read

Forthcoming events

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Ladies Keep Fit

Monday Morning 10.15am

Wednesday Afternoon 1.45pm

Priory Keep Fit is geared for the more mature of us.  Aged 60 years plus, we can have a hard or easy session, it is up to each person how much they do. Everyone knows their own capability and any exercise is better than none. All exercises are done sitting down or standing up. We do not get on the floor!

The Monday class is full at present but there is space on Wednesday afternoon. For just £1 come along to the Church Hall and Keep Fit.

Daily Bible Study

  • Tuesday
    Acts 13:13-41

    “And on the Sabbath day they went into the synagogue and sat down.” (v.14b)