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Sun 28 May

10:30 am
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6:30 pm
Rev Tom Read

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Priory's Purpose

In Philippians 2:13, Paul writes, ?It is God who works in you ... to act according to his good purposes. The key question is: What are God's purposes for Priory?

In general terms, the foundational purposes are contained in the four elements of 'Our Calling', agreed by the Methodist Church nationally as encapsulating what we are called to as God's people:

'The Church exists to increase awareness of God?s presence and to celebrate God's love'
Learning and Caring: 'The Church exists to help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care.'
Service: 'The Church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice'
Evangelism: 'The Church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ'
More specifically, Priory's purposes as a church in the town centre of Doncaster are:

"To be a Christian presence in the town centre, and to serve the town centre community in Christ's name."

1. "To be a Christian Presence". In effect we are called to "be Christ" in the town centre (demonstrating His nature and character, and calling people to follow Him). This will involve working for positive change, both in the lives of individuals and in the town centre as a whole.

2. "the town centre community" includes all those people who may, for whatever reason, be in and around the town centre (ie whether to live, work, shop, engage in leisure activities, or for other reasons).

3. "to serve... in Christ's name". Our service should be motivated by the love of God in Christ, and empowered by God's Holy Spirit, working in and through us. We are called to "be there" for people, recognising the many different needs in our community. A major element in our service is helping to meet people's spiritual needs. This could be through prayer ministry, worship services, or other ways. We are called to help and encourage people on their spiritual journey, and to enable people to discover God's love in Christ in a personal way.

4. The Statement of Purpose provides us as a church community with a foundation and focus for all we do. We have a responsibility to nurture and encourage members of our existing church community in their Christian faith and experience, so that we may be better equipped to fulfil God's purposes for us.

5. There are aspects of our work which we will fulfil more successfully in partnership with our friends in other town centre churches.

Daily Bible Study

  • Tuesday
    Acts 13:13-41

    “And on the Sabbath day they went into the synagogue and sat down.” (v.14b)